The Colour Orange- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

The Rider

At first I thought I don’t have any photos in Orange. But then I started looking. And here is some of my ideas…

2014-02-16 11.22.45 I have no idea what this is called, it grows as a weed behind my local supermarket… IMG_0654 I love the orange of a sunset behind Robben Island at Cape Town… IMG_0188 The Orange of a Koi at my favourite coffee shop IMG_0554 The orange nose of a Kudu military aircraft of the South African air Force, probably a Cessna 172… IMG_0079 The Orange of a Red Hot Fire Poker (Kniphofia Something…)

And then we also have the Orange Free State in South Africa, but that is too big to get on a photo… 🙂

And no, we do not have the Orange Mobile Network in South Africa…


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